New banners and links added for

New creative and link promotions added to Google Affiliate Network. Affiliates please look for these within GAN and add them all to your sites. You can add only the banners or as promotional links. You can grab the banners from here and add to your sites or grab them within GAN any time. The percentage might [...]

Links added for Everything Office Furniture

Affiliates please add these links and info to your site now or login to Google Affiliate Network to get them. Active as of 08-24-11. 5% to 15% off select orders at Everything Office Furniture Tracking URL =<publisherId> Landing URL = Duration = 2011-08-24 to Ongoing Promotion = Percent Off 5% to 15% off select orders [...]

What can you do with hundreds of created Everything Furniture links?

Plenty! From coupon sites to blogs to data feed sites you can grab these or can create all types of links for and all are within Google Affiliate Network now. I create these all the time to help you get ideas and you be able to grab them easily and upload to your site but don’t [...]

GreekGear Bonuses Paid as of August 9th 2011

So, I said that I would be paying $10.00 bonuses and 14% ( percent ) commissions starting this month.  See Post: How to earn our top 14 percent commission from As you can see on the image, where it says Publisher Fees, that is the $10.00 bonus payments I am adding on the affiliate orders that came [...]

How to earn our top 10 percent commission from and

……including bonuses with our Affiliate Program and Affiliate program Does EverythingFurniture or EverythingOfficeFurniture offer Free Shipping? Well, we do now. For years we only mentioned Free Shipping on our sister furniture stores but since everyone loves coming back to our main brands for home furniture from EverythingFurniture and office furniture from EverythingOfficeFurniture, among other things, [...]

How to earn our top 14 percent commission from

……including bonuses with our Affiliate Program through Google Affiliate network. When does college start? Soon, but some already started and that means Fraternity and Sorority parties are being planned. Fraternity brothers and Sorority sisters need items and if you don’t get active with your links, banners and data feed up and running how else [...]