About Martyn S

Martyn is a freelance writer living in the beautiful Greek mountains. A believer in the power of good content, he specializes in producing high-quality articles and web copy. With many years experience working in construction and hardware retail, he loves to write about home improvement and gardening. When he is not writing, Martyn spends his time tending to his olive trees and swearing at his twenty cats.

Ecommerce Management for Small Businesses

When most people think of ecommerce, they look at companies like Amazon, EBay, and Google, huge companies that dominate the internet. What they may not realize is that countless small and medium companies are also benefitting from having a 24/7 worldwide audience. From pet shops to computer retailers, most bricks-and-mortar retailers can use a website [...]

Affiliate Management Programs: Cost Effective Smart Marketing

The internet is the new frontier for running a business, with countless people setting up online and taking advantage of a potential worldwide audience. Naturally, many retailers are setting up websites to sell products, using their site as an extension of their bricks and mortar business. Others are moving purely online and selling products from [...]

BrandVerity: Fighting the Trademark Poachers

Any experienced online merchant understands that trademark poachers are a major problem. Companies invest time and resources into building a brand and running extensive advertising campaigns, only to fall foul of the freeloaders. Unethical affiliates bid on a company’s trademarked name for their PPC campaigns, hoping to generate more clickthroughs than with generic keywords alone, [...]