Have You Added All Our GoldenCAN Products, Coupons and Search Box?

GoldenCAN just completed integration into their platform of all our Express Design Group and ShareAsale.com programs Justirishstuff.com, Designforyourwine.com, Gearforgoldens.com, Nationalityshop.com and Militarygearusa.com. Get active now and with just one single line of code you can add our Product Data Feeds, Coupons, Recent Price Drop Products or Search Box.

You have three easy options for implementing and showcasing products, coupons and a search box on to your site. You can basically use all three at once on a same page or combine within different pages of your site.

  1. GoldenCAN Data Feed Integration – see sample
  2. Coupon Integration – see sample
  3. Search Integration – see sample

If you are familiar with a programming language such as PHP, ASP, ASP.Net or
Java, you can use GoldenCAN GetData, GetRSS or GetXML features to display the complete pre formatted HTML for all the stores on your website with only a couple of line of code. GoldenCAN GetData feature will add spider able contents on your website and you will get the SEO benefits from it.

This service is offered to you on click-through basis. For every 4th click
generated from aany store towards all our above mentioned programs, GoldenCAN will replace your affiliate network id with theirs and subsequently receive affiliate commission should the 4th click convert into a sale/order/lead.

Click here to see affiliate FAQ on GoldenCAN.com

Need help using GoldenCAN?

Contact Support at support @goldencan.com

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